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Are African leaders failing to prove excellence?

By Al Jazeera

Namibia’s outgoing president Hifikepunye Pohamba has won the 2014 Ibrahim prize for African leadership.

The award recognises democratically elected African leaders who excel in governance and who step down voluntarily from office at the end of their terms.

Sudanese-born mobile phone billionaire Mo Ibrahim established the annual prize, and the foundation that bears his name in 2006.

It is seen as a reflection of how well nations are doing when it comes to things like human rights, the rule of law and the economy.

For the winner it means a cash prize of $10m over 10 years, followed by $200,000 for life, making it the world’s most valuable individual award.

But since its inception there have only been four recipients, raising questions about eligibility and suitability.

So what does it say about leadership in Africa?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Javas Bigambo – consultant and political analyst who was at Monday’s prize announcement.

Adama Gaye – author and political commentator and former Director of Information for the West African regional bloc, ECOWAS.

Henry Malumo – Africa Advocate for Action Aid International and a specialist on good governance.

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