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Is the world better prepared for another Ebola crisis?

By Al Jazeera

It is one year since the Ebola outbreak was declared in West Africa, and while numbers are falling, it is far from over.

And now the frontline aid group Doctors Without Borders has slammed the international community’s slow response to the crisis.

In its latest report, the group says months were wasted and lives lost.

It says the World Health Organisation and local African governments failed to act quickly or adequately.

It also claims that it was only when a US doctor and a Spanish nurse were diagnosed with Ebola that the world woke up to the threat.

So did the world’s slow rate of reaction cost lives?

And are we prepared if a health crisis of such magnitude were to happen again?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Lewis Brown – Liberian Minister of Information

Christopher Dye – Head of the World Health Organisation’s Ebola Epidemiology team

Christopher Stokes – General Director of the Brussels Branch of Doctors Without Borders

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