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Somalia: A land of opportunity?

By Al Jazeera

Somalia was once seen as a failed state, suffering from violence and lack of governance.

But now hundreds of Ethiopians are moving to Somalia in search of a better life – although Somalia is a much poorer country.

And while many of these migrants help boost the local economy, they face xenophobia and hostility from some locals who want to see them deported.

Abdi Noor Galayr, one community leader, says: “We are not happy with their presence. They have brought many problems in terms of health. We don’t know what health issues they may have. They brought criminals to this town like people smugglers. They are also putting pressure on the job market.”

Al Jazeera’s Hamza Mohamed reports from Mogadishu.

Source:: Al Jazeera—Somalia-land-of-opportunities.mp4?videoId=4084832674001

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