Engen oil refinery declares routine maintenance outage


Engen Refinery, South Africa’s second largest oil refinery, will undergo a planned maintenance outage. Starting on Thursday 9 July 2015, this scheduled activity forms part of the refinery’s ongoing maintenance programme.
Jehan Zaib, general manager of the Engen Refinery, explains that just as a car requires regular maintenance services and inspections, routine shutdowns are essential for the safe and reliable operation of the facility. ‘The reliability of our facility is essential in ensuring security of supply of product for the country,’ says Zaib.
The Engen refinery delivers a significant portion of South Africa’s fuel requirements, processing up to 125 000 barrels of crude oil every day.
The plant has a wide product pallet which includes automotive, industrial, aviation and marine fuels, bitumen, lubricants as well as bitumen a range of chemicals and solvents.
‘To ensure that we complete this maintenance outage on time and in full, there will be increased traffic as suppliers and contractors service the refinery. We will however do our utmost to keep any disruption to a minimum and have detailed planning schedules to mitigate any potential access and capacity issues.’
Zaib says the shutdown will assist the facility in its mission to continue with its anchoring job of supplying fuel and propping up economic activity.
‘As Engen, we are committed to maintaining a facility that operates at optimal efficiency with the lowest possible environmental impact,’ says Zaib.
‘The safety of our employees and the neighbouring community is of the highest priority to Engen and we want to thank our neighbours in advance for their understanding during this critical period.’


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