Osibisa – still in tune!


Their music was a soundtrack of my teenage years and many like me during the 1970s in Ghana. Their music – a fusion of African, Caribbean, jazz, funk, rock, Latin, and r&b – was catchy, infectious and exhilarating. Theirs was, and still is, the ‘criss-cross rhythms that explode with musical happiness.’

Osibisa were one of the first African-heritage bands to become widely popular and linked with the world music description with their music still enjoying considerable airplay on many radio stations in Africa. Hearing songs like Woyaya, Sunshine Day (a top 10 hit on the UK charts in the 70s), Ayiko Bia, Welcome Home and Ojah Awake, always evoke happy memories of my blissful, carefree youth.

Still one of Britain’s most-loved afro bands, Osibisa return to London’s Jazz Cafe this Saturday(August 6) for a summer evening of a fusion of all things African, Caribbean, r’n’b and more.



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