Bringing the best African movies to the world

AFRI Reviews, the first movie review platform in Africa with a focus on all African movies, has called for collaboration to showcase and crowdsource the best African-made movies to a local and global audience.

Co-founder of the platform, Anita Abada explained in Lagos, Nigeria, early November that Afri Reviews was borne out of the desire to create a platform where movies made on the continent and its actors can be celebrated and evaluated.

‘The West have Rotten Tomatoes, Imdb, Variety, Metacritic and a host of other review platforms that showcase the best and worst of Hollywood. Africa has none of these. Does this mean that there are no exceptional movies made in Africa? Are we saying Africa has no brilliant actors? What Afri Reviews wants to do is to expose these movies. We want to bring out the best of Africa and show to the world,’ she said.

‘Africa has Nollywood, which is second in the world. We have Ghallywood, Joziwood, Lolliwood, Wakaliwood, Ugawood, Somaliwood and a host of movie industries churning out movies every day. We want to showcase these movies. We want Africans and the world to know of these movies beyond their individual countries and to review them right here on our platform. Short films, documentaries, animations, we want to show them to the world,’ added James Ogunjimi, co-founder.

Calling for collaboration, Ogunjimi said, ‘We want people who can go to the cinemas in their countries and write honest reviews. What about TV series? With the number of shows airing daily, you have to wonder why no one is talking about them. We want to do this.’

Abada concluded by inviting reviewers and those enthusiastic about the African movie industry and who can write from an African perspective to send a mail to the platform. ‘In whatever capacity, send us a mail and we’ll respond. This is an African project and we are confident that there are enough willing Africans to execute it.’

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