Gambian president launches new diaspora directorate


GAMBIAN President Adama Barrow has launched a new diaspora directorate  as a mechanism to facilitate the contribution of the diaspora in Gambia’s economy.

‘My administration, through the new Gambia Diaspora Directorate and other mechanisms, will seek to remove unnecessary bureaucratic barriers, and assist diaspora individuals and organisations to implement their projects in order to enhance diaspora interventions to create jobs and improve development outcomes,’ said Barrow earlier this month.

‘The directorate will help to protect irregular, young and vulnerable migrants, and when necessary, facilitate their safe and voluntary return home, in line with human rights provisions, he said.

Barrow said his government will strive to realise the United Nations vision that ‘migration should be a choice, not a desperate necessity.’

According to him, his administration is taking steps to create opportunities and options for education, employment and training for young Gambians and returnees.

The diaspora remittance is the third largest contributor to Gambia’s economy following agriculture and tourism, which has led to an escalation of irregular migration of young Gambians.


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