Ghana warns British Airways over poor service, mistreatment of Ghanaians

GHANA government has cautioned the UK national carrier, British Airways (BA) over its poor service to and mistreatment of Ghanaian passengers.

The Aviation Minister, Cecilia Dapaah, told local journalists about instances that showed that nationals were being disrespected by substandard service from BA.

She addressed the airline’s admission that it had previously attempted to use a plane that was bug infested on the London to Accra route. The minister added that officials of BA had been summoned to explain the issue.

In other complaints she said: ‘We have been removed from terminal five to terminal three, some Ghanaians say they walk for about an hour before boarding on disembarkation also, Ghanaians are left at remote location.’

Dapaah stressed that BA for over eight decades have benefited greatly on the route but she chastised the fact that the company has done little or nothing to benefit Ghanaians by way of corporate social responsibility.

She said a petition will soon be presented to demand reasons why Ghanaians have lower luggage weight as compared to Nigerians. Rickety planes and high fares were other areas she addressed.

BA has been operating in the country before Ghana’s independence in 1957, it is said to have operations dating as far back as 85 years ago. The airline has monopoly on direct flights between the U.K. and Ghana.


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