Cameroonian opposition seeks single candidate to challenge Paul Biya

Opposition candidate Joshua Osih

FINDING a single candidate to run against President Paul Biya in the October 7 presidential elections is a puzzle Cameroon’s opposition is working hard to solve. Negotiations are under way among parties for a possible coalition. There’s no success so far.

Joshua Osih, the candidate of the Social Democratic Front, the main opposition party, is measured about the idea of an opposition coalition for a single candidacy.

‘We sincerely believe that joining forces of the opposition is a very good thing in an election but we do not believe it is an ultimate road to victory,’ Osih said.

Another candidate, Akere Muna believes in a possible opposition merger against Paul Biya, in power since 1982. He says he’s ready to quit the race for a candidate chosen by the parties.

‘I have spoken with most of the candidates and I perceive this awareness that the people expect us to make a gesture. I don’t think it’s a problem, this abundance of candidates is just proof that Cameroonians are worried about their future.’

The presidential election in Cameroon will take place on 7 October. Eight candidates are in the running, including 85 year old President Paul Biya.



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