What will Crystal Ball Africa predict for 2019?


AS Africa continues to rise and numerous opportunities continue to emerge, policy and regulatory changes in many of Africa’s frontier economies are also rapidly emerging and, in some cases, arrive ‘unannounced’.

Decisions made by regulators and governments in 2019 may either threaten or benefit businesses.  Advanced knowledge of these changes is vital to the survival and sustenance of business and investment objectives on the continent.

In line with the above, the 2019 edition of Crystal Ball Africa, to be held in Accra from January 9-10, will provide insights into what to expect in the coming year and attempt to examine the real threats and analyse the emerging opportunities to help strategize appropriately for 2019.

Crystal Ball Africa is an annual pan-African business conference that helps businesses shape their strategies for the year.  It is hosted by leading law firm AB & David Africa in collaboration with other business associations across Africa.  It provides a forum for business people and professionals doing or seeking to do business in Africa to discuss issues that will impact their businesses in the New Year.

It brings together more than 200 business executives from across Africa and the rest of the world. The theme for 2019 is Transforming with the Transformation. Participants will get to know the opportunities for investment and business expansion in Africa in 2019, meet decision-makers, regulators, key government representatives, project sponsors, financiers, business lawyers, Africa experts and top business executives.

Participants will also get the opportunity to network in a B2B and make deals for 2019 and beyond, while understanding the emerging policy and legislative changes that are vital to the survival of their business and investment objectives on the continent.

A special attraction of Crystal Ball is the annual Solutions Looking for Problems session. At this session, businesses who are seeking finance will meet face to face with financiers and have the opportunity to see a showcase of innovations and inventions that their businesses just might be looking for.

Topics that may be discussed during the event will include:

  • Outlook for 2019
  • The China impact on Africa Businesses
  • Value addition and industrialization of African emerging opportunities
  • Financial Sector
  • Nigeria Election
  • South African Election
  • IT Innovation

Ghana’s Vice-President Muhammadu Bawumia will deliver the keynote address.


Interested parties may register at events@abdavid.com.





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