Ghana moves to restore natural environment


THE Forestry Commission of Ghana has signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) in a further move to restore parts of the country’s natural environment.

According to the MoU signed between the forestry commission and Volta River Authority, a state-owned power producer, the two sides will use bamboo plantations to rehabilitate and protect the Volta River, which is the main source of hydroelectric power for the country.

John Allotey, deputy chief executive of the commission, said the partnership is necessary since the catchment areas of the lake are threatened by deforestation on a daily basis.

The project also seeks to increase knowledge among citizens in 71 communities along the river banks, and raise people’s awareness toward the ecological and socio-economic benefits of bamboo in protecting water bodies.

The forestry commission also signed an MoU with the Owirenkyiriman Traditional Council and Praxis Africa, an international NGO in the field of sustainable development for forest restoration, seeking to address issues of forest cover, carbon sequestration and improve the livelihood of rural communities in the country.


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