Tips for online soccer betting in Africa


AS a term, betting has become a household name across homes in Africa. Its emergence in various countries across the continent has transformed thousands of people into overnight millionaires. At the same time, it has left many with many with nothing but regrets for making costly mistakes while placing their wagers.

Here are several smart tips to maximize your chances of winning while betting at Betway and other user-friendly bookies in the continent:

  • Understand the Game

There’s no better reward for a team in any match than winning. Nonetheless, winning doesn’t always depend on a team’s superiority, as other factors influence the final score. These decisive factors include officiating errors, the team’s form and other many others.

To properly analyze any football match, you’ll need to understand all the factors that can influence the results of a game. That will ensure you get the right information about any match and make an informed decision when choosing your bets and stake.

  • Study The Teams’ History

It’s not a wonder to see a team at the top of the table and with a good winning streak being beaten by a team at the bottom of the table. Sometimes, a team can bring out the best from the other for historical reasons, among other things. Such scenarios are very common in all major leagues, and that’s why it’s important to check the head to head comparison of the teams you want to bet on.

  • Avoid Long Bet Slips

Study shows that most people who regularly win through online soccer betting at Betway maintain a short betting slip. Long slips may promise to make you a millionaire overnight while staking low, but it’s quite hard to win a bet with 10 or more teams. Even if the top teams in all the leagues are playing the bottom teams, winning a long betting slip is harder than winning a slip with one, two or three teams.

  • Make Decisions Based On Logic

It’s perfectly normal to have a favorite team in the local or international leagues. However, you should never make betting decisions based on sentiments. In other words, love your team enough to follow every game closely, but not enough to ignore the other team’s history and current form when betting. That’s particularly true, especially when going against a strong team or an arch rival.

You need to keep in mind that there’s no 100% sure betting strategy that can help you win every line you place, but you can easily manage your loses. Soccer is also a volatile sport, and it can be full of surprises, so it’s always good to wager what you can afford to lose.


Neither the current teams’ form nor logical reasoning can guarantee that you’ll win a bet, but you can increase your chances if you follow the above tips.  Be brave enough to call it a day if you’ve taken a huge hit, but don’t try to chase a bet. It’s also important to remember that betting is not only an excellent recreation activity, but it can also lead to serious addiction issues if not well checked.



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