‘Healthcare is not only for the African middle class’ – Ghiribi

AT a  Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) special lunch during the recent UN General Assembly (UNGA) week, Chairman of GK Investment Holding Group, Kamel Ghribi, was guest of honour where several leaders from African nations were present.

In his address to the ministers, ambassadors and dignitaries from Angola, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and Botswana who were present at the lunch, Ghribi emphasised the importance of unity and coherence between nations to improve the living and economic conditions of the general public throughout the African continent saying, ‘Healthcare is not only for the African middle class.’

Kamel Ghribi

Many innovative ideas were exchanged during the business lunch and discussions narrowed on trade relations between the US and African countries. The CCA have led many important projects over the past decades that have benefited investors who believed in Africa.

During UNGA in New York, Ghiribi was invited to discuss African economic reforms, healthcare priorities on the African continent and investment in countries such as Botswana and few others. He raised some important points, some challenging with regards to health priorities in Africa.

Much of the discussion centred on the enabling environment for successful public/private partnerships in the African health sector, but were not limited to other sectors.

Other than health, CCA encouraged other discussions, particularly prospects in the oil and gas sectors, with its growing opportunities for better transparency and governance.

Swiss-based GK Investment Holding Group specialises in developing new global business opportunities across a wide range of sectors. The Group’s investments have been heavily biased in favour of Africa and the Middle East.

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