Nine girls rescued from being trafficked at Lagos airport

THE Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has rescued nine girls at Lagos Airport who were about to be trafficked to Lebanon, Egypt, Dubai and India.

According to a statement released on Tuesday, four of the girls claimed to be travelling to take up employment in these countries, even though they did not know their future employers nor their job description.

‘The shady journey was organised by agents aimed at exploiting their innocence and ignorance, two others claimed they were going for a visit but later confessed they were going to hustle in Dubai and the remaining two claimed they were going to India for medical treatment without referrals,’ read the statement.

The controller general of NIS, Muhammad Babandede, also cautioned parents to keep an eye on their children, especially teenagers, and to give them proper guidance to prevent them from falling victim to trafficking.

Babandede said traffickers could be family members, friends and internet contacts.


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