Fresh elections to cost Malawi $60 million


THE fresh election in Malawi is to cost Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) about $60 million, MEC chair has said this week.

In her appeal statement, MEC chair, Jane Ansah said that holding of the polls in July this year, as directed by the Constitutional Court, could be impossible saying there is need to gather enough resources and preparations for it to be successful.

She further proposed that the elections to happen within 261 days not 150 days as directed by the court earlier this month.

She further argued that the statutory periods for procurement, transport challenges and all other necessary exercises would make it not feasible to have the polls within the stated period.

The development came after the constitutional court directed that MEC should conduct fresh elections because of serious irregularities that were involved during the voting process and counting of votes, among other things being the use of Tipp-ex without proper direction and supervision.


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