The changing nature of UK support to Ghana

BRITISH Expertise International (BEI) is hosting an event on February 11 in London focused on The Changing Nature of UK support to Ghana based on a review by the UK Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI).

The UK has a longstanding development partnership with Ghana, with more than £2bn invested in development aid support over the last two decades. However, in line with Ghana’s achievement of lower-middle-income status in 2010, the aid relationship between the two countries is evolving. Since 2012, the UK’s support has been reoriented towards helping Ghana overcome some of its economic and governance challenges and mobilise the resources to finance its own development. ‘We believe there is still a role for UK aid to play in delivering better human development outcomes and protecting the results of past assistance,’ BEI said in a statement.

 The UK government’s Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) scrutinises UK aid spending and works to ensure UK aid is spent effectively, for those who need it most, and delivers value for UK taxpayers. Recently ICAI completed its first country portfolio on Ghana. This is a qualitative review and assesses the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of all UK aid to Ghana.

 The ICAI Chief Commissioner will be presenting this review on ICAI – The Changing Nature of UK Aid to Ghana. ‘We feel that engagement with the Ghana diaspora and those with an interest in doing business in Ghana will enable an opportunity for discussion on some of the key findings of the review and also feedback on areas they feel could be further enhanced,’ the statement added.

BEI is the UK’s leading membership organisation for UK based companies exporting professional services, with a particular focus on the dynamic and growing markets of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and South-East Europe. Our members range from some of the UK’s largest companies to some of the smallest.

They work across a range of sectors from infrastructure to education, health and international development, but all share a common goal of exporting the best of UK expertise in professional services. BEI works closely with the UK and foreign governments to help our members understand international markets, identify, assess and secure business opportunities internationally through a wide range of activities.

These include networking events, sector-focused forums, bespoke international market intelligence, and demand-based trade missions. BEI has successfully delivered this unique focus, working both through our networks and alongside the UK government and other stakeholders, for over 50 years.

The meeting will be from 2.30pm to 4.30pm at 23 Grafton Street, Mayfair, W1S 4EY.

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