Ghana health workers decry lack of protective gear for Coronavirus


GHANAIAN health workers have expressed their fears of being exposed to Coronavirus (Covid-19) due to the lack of protective equipment and gear, Africa Feeds reported on Monday.

The country so far has recorded six cases but there are fears the number of infections could rise as people go in for more tests.

Several doctors and nurses at Ghana’s premier teaching hospital Korle Bu told Africa Feeds that they might consider not working if tools needed for work were not provided.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo announced that his government was allocating some $100 million for the fight against the virus.

A nurse who spoke to the publication said the hospital had failed to provide the workers with gloves, face masks, sanitisers and other essentials when attending to patients.

‘I have complained several times but our authorities keep assuring us every day that we will get those things but still nothing for us to work with in these hard times,’ the nurse said.

Covid-19 so far has been reported in at least 26 African countries with more than 270 cases in total and there are at least six deaths so far from a pandemic that started in China last December.

More than 200 000 people have been infected globally with more than 6 000 deaths so far.


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