Majority of Nigerian male senators oppose inclusion of gender equality in constitution

A MAJORITY of male Nigerian senators have voted to oppose including gender equality in the Nigerian constitution.

A Nigerian publication, Premium Times reported on Wednesday that despite the opposition, the Senate resolved to ensure that gender equality is a priority in the next constitutional amendment.

It was reported that during the debate on the matter, only a few supported the Senate’s proposal.

The voting was also done by a voice vote, thus making it difficult to identify which senators opposed the gender equality proposal.

The Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, ruled that the motion to include gender equality in the next constitutional amendment be adopted despite naysayers from many male senators when the prayer was put to vote.

According to the publication, less than 10 percent of the 109-member Senate are women.

In his remark, Lawan said it is only fair that women get the fairest share of participation in governance with the kind of percentage of the population they occupy.

‘For what the parties need to do, I am sure the parties are getting wiser. No party can afford to neglect the women of Nigeria.

‘Whether there will be a constitutional review or not, I am sure there will be a need for a constitutional review to ensure that women in Nigeria are given better opportunities for them to occupy the rightful place that they should have in governance particularly.

‘I am also concerned about women who are mostly not mentioned, the rural women, mostly farmers and traders. We need to think about them, not only about political offices but empowering them because when you educate a woman, you educate a nation,” Lawan was quoted saying.

Lawan also urged corporate organisations to ensure parity in top management positions and the boardrooms.


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