The EurAfrican Forum in search for a common ground between Europe and Africa


THE 3rd edition of the EurAfrican Forum to be held on July 2nd and 3rd in Cascais, Portugal will be gathering over 700 European and African key actors from more than 60 countries. The 2020 edition will look for new opportunities for both continents as it unveils its theme, In Search for a Common Ground.

‘It is now time to establish a structured co-operation between Africa and Europe, engaging not only public decision-makers but creating a denser network, embarking in the discussions entrepreneurs, young people, women, artists, scientists,’ said José Manuel Durão Barroso, Chairman of the EurAfrican Forum.

Hosted by the Portuguese Diaspora Council and the Municipality of Cascais, with the High Patronage of the Portuguese Presidency, this third consecutive edition will focus on main issues such Africa and Europe relations, Free Trade Agreements, Climate Change, the influence of African Arts and Culture, Infrastructure, Connectivity and Off-grid solutions.

‘2020 is a pivotal year for Europe and Africa as this new decade marks the unavoidable collaboration between our continents at a time when climate change, demographic challenges and the technologic revolution are central pieces of Africa and Europe’s sustainable development puzzle,’ said Filipe de Botton, Chairman of the Board of the Portuguese Diaspora Council.

As Europe and Africa face common challenges, the EurAfrican Forum exists as a platform to work on future partnerships for sustainable solutions. Exploiting synergies and promoting business opportunities with mutual benefits, the event will be sharing initiatives, in search of common ground.


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