Kenya coronavirus: Uhuru rules out total lockdown fearing ‘mass hunger’

KENYA’S President Uhuru Kenyatta has explained why he has not locked down the entire country, maintaining that it was in the interest of the greater public good.

According to him, doing so will mean depriving a sizeable number of the population from feeding. He stressed that it would be the last resort if current containment measures fail to achieve the needed objective.

Barely 24-hours before, he had imposed restrictions on exiting and entering the capital Nairobi and three other coastal counties where cases were being recorded.

President Kenyatta’s latest responses were in a radio interview on Tuesday morning, where he reiterated the need for citizens to obey all instructions in the interest of public safety.

The president also disclosed that he had ordered the arrest of a deputy governor who had flouted medical advice over quarantine thus endangering the lives of members of the public. ‘I am the one who said that the Kilifi Deputy Governor should be arrested… I am praying that he gets 10 years,’ he said.


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