Madagascar to sign confidentiality clause with WHO on Covid-Organics


PRESIDENT Andry Rajoelina says Madagascar will sign a confidentiality clause with the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the formulation of Covid-Organics, the purported cure for the coronavirus pandemic.

He disclosed this after a teleconference with WHO boss Tedros Adhanom Ghabreyesus on Wednesday. He also said the WHO had agreed to support the country’s clinical observation process.

‘Successful exchange with Dr. Tedros who commends Madagascar’s efforts in the fight against Covid-19,’ he posted on Twitter.

‘We discussed how to work together on therapeutics research and development. And we agreed that solidarity is key to fighting the pandemic and keeping the world safe,’ he added.

Earlier this month, Rajoelina delivered a scathing verdict of persons increasingly speaking against the country’s purported traditional cure for Covid-19.

In an exclusive interview with French broadcasters, France24 and RFI, Rajoelina said his country will continue to administer and develop the cure which according to him accounts for the majority of its virus recoveries.

‘We have 171 cases, including 105 cured. The patients who were cured took only the Covid-Organics medication,’ he confirmed.

Asked about warnings issued by WHO, ECOWAS and Africa CDC, he dismissed them stressing that the warnings are meant to detract and discourage progress of the drug, which Madagascar was not going to allow.

‘If it weren’t Madagascar, but a European country that had discovered the remedy COVID-Organics, would there be so many doubts? I do not think so.

‘We say bad things about the Tambavy CVO product when it only does good. They want to slow us down, discourage us, forbid us to move forward,’ he stressed.


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