Tanzania’s first wind farm completed


TANZANIA’S first-ever wind farm, the Mwenga project has officially been completed.  The $1.2 million 2.4 MW project, whose construction began in April 2018, was developed by Enercon, a German manufacturer and financed by the UK’s Renewable Performance Platform. It is expected to be connected to the national grid.

Located in the Iringa region, the wind farm consists of three turbines that will provide additional power to the area’s grid that also receives electricity from the existing 4MW hydropower plant that is owned by Rift Valley Corporation, a corporation that deals with the development of renewable energies.

The hydropower plant has been providing electricity to the area for eight years and has enabled the country to provide electricity to nearly 5,000 homes. The additional power from the wind farm is expected to increase that number to 6,500 homes and businesses once operational.



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