A museum to boost awareness of pan-African heritage and culture

CULTURAL and natural heritage is an invaluable resource that fuels resilience, helps find solutions, and brightens the future.

In these times of increased awareness of black identity spurred by the global Black Lives Matter movement, which was catalysed by the tragic murder of African-American George Floyd, it is fitting that a Ghanaian former politician, journalist, and educationist has envisioned the establishment of a museum to showcase Africa’s rich heritage.

Dubbed the Pan-African Heritage World Museum (PAHW) and endorsed by the African Union, it will be located in Ghana.

According to the originator of the concept, Kojo Yankah, after centuries of separation, Peoples of African Descent have an obligation to share a common space to bridge the wide gap that has existed among them through deliberate miseducation and historical circumstances.

“We have reached a period in history when extensive research is unveiling a lot of untruths about the origin of humans and civilisation, and especially about Blacks and Africa. It is time to document this truth that will help bring more self-confidence to the African and recreate a better world of equality and social justice,” Yankah told Africa Briefing.

Kojo Yankah: You cannot fly with somebody else’s wings

Yankah believes there is an urgent need for the youth of today and tomorrow to inspire themselves with the rich history, achievements and civilisation of black people saying, “It is time for Africans and its Diaspora to share the knowledge of their own ancestors and historians.”

He adds that it is also imperative for all Africans and its Diaspora to work together to support the African Union’s Agenda 2063 in its efforts to build a United States of Africa.

A staunch and unapologetic pan-Africanist, Yankah believes it is time for Africans to document their own truth.

“Our ancestors taught us, among other nuggets imparted to us, that you cannot fly with somebody else’s wings. I believe that holds the key to our freedom and self-development – knowing our history and developing with our own cultural essence”, he says.

Ghana has been chosen as the location of this Pan African Heritage World project because of its leadership as a beacon of liberation on the continent.

According to Yankah, the project will provide the space to “learn, unlearn, re-learn, experience and enjoy the pan-African essence through a curated museum, a living, healing and recreational environment and also through the personal exchange of ideas, achievements and skills in inspiring one another.”

The  Pan African Heritage World is, therefore, part of the Pan African Heritage City, which will consist of:

  1. Museum
  2. Garden of Sculptures (Heroes & Leaders)
  3. Conference Centre with Lodging
  4. African Herbal Farm (with Chalets)
  5. Recreational Centre for African Festivals & Games
  6. African Cultural Village (depicting various African Kingdoms)
  7. Restaurants (African cuisines)
  8. Pan African Festivals
  9. Mini-mall
  10. Parking

The Pan African Heritage World Museum will be the purveyor and preservationist of the history, ideals, civilisation and cultural heritage of African people within a 21st century context of social, political and economic development. This will be accomplished via field projects, research, and engagement in academic, cultural and public programmes


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