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Rwandan commercial motorists to go cashless

RWANDA’S commercial motorists, commonly known as motorcycle taxis, will begin to adopt cashless payment services to promote cashless economy, the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) said Wednesday.

All motorcyclists in the capital Kigali are required to use taximeters and cashless payments starting on August 15, while those outside Kigali may use taximeters in the next phase, but are required to go cashless, Patrick Nyirishema, director-general of the RURA, said at a press conference.

Motorists and passengers are advised to use mobile money to receive and send payments, he said.

‘The digital payment system eases financial transactions and lowers the risk that goes with the use of traditional financial transaction means,’ Nyirishema added.

The move is also aimed at containing the spread of Covid-19, since using cashless payments will reduce hand-to-hand cash exchange, he said.

Using taximeters will ensure passengers are not overcharged, he said.

The RURA has announced previously the standard fares for the country’s motorcycle transport services, which will be displayed on taximeters.

According to the regulator, 19,500 out of 26,000 commercial motorists in Kigali have been fitted with taximeters.


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