Ayoba and MusicTime partner to bring free music listening to Africa

AYOBA, the free instant messaging app for android devices, is partnering with MusicTime to bring free music listening to Ayoba users with the launch of a new feature in the Ayoba app titled MusicTime in Ayoba.

MusicTime in Ayoba [or MTiA] is now live in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo Brazzaville, Guinee, Guinee Bissau, Sudan, and Afghanistan.

Each territory offers users free access to 10 playlists with 20 songs in each. In addition, the app has a new mini player that allows you to listen to music while you chat to your contacts with no interruption. Playlists are curated specifically for each territory, and always include music from the region as well. Users can subscribe free to the channel as per all Ayoba channels, and numbers are rising quickly as users discover the new feature.

An important feature of MTiA is the ability to listen to music with no data costs. Ayoba is zero rated for data in most of its markets via its partnership with MTN allowing MTN users to listen to a limited amount of music with no data costs.

The MusicTime channels also include editorial content, music video clips and artist polls. A major feature will be channels in partnership with artists, such as the newly launched Sark Nation channel, featuring top Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, currently available across Africa. Many more artist partnerships will be launched in the coming weeks.

Ayoba has evolved significantly since its launch in 2019 as an instant messaging app. Users can now enjoy content in more than 50 channels covering topics from Coronavirus news to education to cooking tips, football, Formula 1, music news and more. In 2020, Ayoba has also added gaming, and offer users free access to top mobile games. In some markets (Cameroon, Ghana and Uganda) the integration with MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) allows users to send and receive money on Ayoba.

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  1. This app is outstanding, with the new feature of listening to music as well as sending money and getting news updates, this is awesome. Is like combining facebook, watsap and Instagram together with oprah news and momo! But one problem I have is that I will like to have access to search engines that can give me access to relevant questions and searches or at least should lead us to google so as to make it possible to get our searches answered to. But above all it’s a great up at a new level

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