Africa and Brexit: new opportunities?


IN the first report of its kind, UK-based research and content firm The Share Theory will explore how businesses based in Africa feel about Brexit, their level of understanding of the process, where they feel new opportunities will arise and, importantly, how they can access help and information to help them tap into the UK market.

If you’re an African business working with the UK, or if you’d like to work with the UK after Brexit, please complete this survey and help us compile the most complete data on African attitudes to Britain’s exit from the EU to date. Participants in the survey will receive an exclusive first-look copy of the report when it’s published later in the year.

Please click here to take the survey.

The Share Theory is working with several partners, including the African Business Chamber, The Global Africa Business Club and Africa Briefing, to circulate this survey and publish our results. Please feel free to share this survey among your contacts in Africa and encourage as wide a response as possible – the better the response, the more detail we can pull out for the report. If you represent an official body or publication and would like to partner with us to add qualitative context or to share through your networks, please email

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