End SARS protests: Buhari urges Nigerians to spurn looters


NIGERIAN President Muhammadu Buhari has urged citizens to turn back family members who return home with goods unaccounted for after the looting of stores that took place during the #EndSARS protests last week.

According to a statement issued by his spokesperson Garba Shehu on Sunday, Buhari said looting and vandalism would damage trade and investment growth in the country, both large and small industries, as well as the hard-working people in the informal sectors of the economy.

‘These incidents do not reflect well on any society. They are wrong and condemnable and should not be supported by reasonable members of the society,’ Shehu said.

Shehu said the government would not ‘fold its arms when an otherwise legitimate and peaceful protest is turning into free-for-all vandalism and looting.’

On Friday, the Associated Press reported that violence and chaos erupted in Lagos on Thursday as mobs who masqueraded as #EndSARS protesters reportedly burnt police stations, courthouses, TV stations and a hotel.

Buhari also commended the police for the arrests of 229 suspects for allegedly using the #EndSARS protest as cover to destroy and loot public and private property.

On Friday, the president called for an end to the protest and stated that the government had heard the nation’s plight ‘loud and clear’.

‘As mentioned in two successive statements on the issues, the president and his administration have taken note of the grievances of the people. We have heard you loud and clear,’ he said, adding that the government had shown a ‘clear determination’ to address the complaints.

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