China’s poverty alleviation model instructive for Africa: expert


CHINA’S successful poverty alleviation model is instructive for Africa in its efforts to grow economies and lift millions out of poverty, an Ethiopian expert has said.

‘The Chinese model is not just lifting people out of poverty, but both the country’s GDP and its development are going in sync with the poverty alleviation programme,’ Costantinos Bt. Costantinos, professor of public policy at the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, said in an interview with Chinese news agency Xinhua.

‘Without economic development and good economic management, there is no way we can alleviate poverty in any country or in any given nation…the Chinese model will serve very well for Africa to follow,’ he said.

The expert, who served as an economic advisor to the African Union Commission and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, added the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation could be a perfect platform for Africa and China to share experiences in poverty alleviation.

Regarding poverty alleviation, the expert said China has great expertise and is willing to cooperate with other countries in pursuing that goal, as he underscored China’s huge achievements in lifting hundreds of millions of its people out of poverty.

Costantinos said that China, through the South-South Cooperation, aspires to contribute to global efforts in alleviating poverty.

‘It’s very important that the South-South Cooperation is driven by China because China has resources… Africa could be supported very, very strongly with Chinese participation,’ Costantinos said.



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