Cameroon to receive 1 million licences of Russian MyOffice software

MYOFFICE, the Russian developer of office software for joint work on documents and communications, is to supply the Ministry of Primary Education in Cameroon with  1 million licenses of MyOffice software for distribution to all schools around the country over a period of 10 years.

A memorandum to that effect was signed in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, by  Anatoliy Gennadyevich Bashkin, the Russian Ambassador Cameroon, Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, Minister of Primary Education and Jafar Hilali, founder and managing partner of Carousel Finance SA, a master partner for distribution of MyOffice in African countries. The signed memorandum provides for collaboration in the form of a public-private partnership, under which Carousel Finance SA is to supply 1 million MyOffice licences to primary and secondary schools in Cameroon free of charge over a period of 10 years.

“Signing the memorandum became a logical continuation of the collaboration with MyOffice. Last year, we initiated pilot projects for implementation in 10 schools around Cameroon, which demonstrated their effectiveness as part of the school programme, said Ngoa. He added, ‘Our approach to teaching children involves not only the transfer of fundamental scientific knowledge, including natural sciences, but also the development of digital literacy skills among the younger generations. We are interested in using the safe Russian software MyOffice in our teaching practices, and starting from today, it will be delivered to all schools around the country.’

‘MyOffice arouses genuine interest among African countries that are taking their first steps on the road to civilization and facing new challenges in the field of IT. The Republic of Cameroon was one of the first to prioritize the development of its digital sovereignty; it recognized the need to upgrade its own proprietary infrastructure, and has already seen the first positive results of pilot projects to implement Russian software. The official agreement was a confirmation of the Government of the Republic of Cameroon’s serious interest in switching to modern and safe MyOffice products,’ stated Jafar Hilali.

‘We see great potential in developing the Russian-African partnership, and believe that the Republic of Cameroon is one of the most attractive countries for Russian business, since it shows stable population growth and economic prosperity. According to the World Bank, the population size has increased by 27 percent in the last ten years alone, and the per capita GDP has grown by 41 percent over the same period. The signing of the high-level memorandum highlights the mutual interest and expands new horizons for development of the private-public partnership,’ pointed out Dmitry Komissarov, General Director of MyOffice.


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