Ichikowitz Family Foundation wins prestigious Sabre Awards for building a better global understanding of Africa’s youth

THE Ichikowitz Family Foundation, a leading African foundation encouraging active citizenship across the continent, have won two prestigious SABRE Awards for its global campaign to raise awareness of the findings of its inaugural African Youth Survey 2020, the most comprehensive survey of Africa’s youth to date.

The SABRE Awards, produced by PRovoke Media, are the world’s largest Public Relations awards programme, dedicated for more than 20 years to benchmarking and commemorating the best campaigns, agencies and practitioners from across the globe.

Out of a multitude of SABRE Award Africa entries, the Ichikowitz Family Foundation was both awarded the winner of the Non-Profit category for exceptional branding, reputation and engagement and a Certificate of Excellence for same across Southern Africa, alongside African Public Relations network Burson Cohn-Wolfe (BCW) Africa and the Washington D.C.-based Amsterdam Group.

The 2021 SABRE Awards Africa in particular emphasised exceptional organisational leadership in authentic storytelling with humanity in focus, highlighting campaigns that are purpose-driven; those offering audience engagement with a clear call to action, implemented against the backdrop of a global pandemic.

In keeping with the Ichikowitz Foundation’s consistent promotion of a better understanding of the complex history and future vision of Africa, realised through collections of multimedia platforms, films and documentaries, the performing arts, a myriad of publications, events, photography and series of public debates, the Foundation launched its inaugural African Youth Survey (‘AYS’) in February 2020.

The Foundation’s African Youth Survey 2020, an unprecedented, multinational study designed to examine the critical issues affecting Africa’s youth and thus offer the world a better understanding of this important demographic, was conducted by global research and polling firm, PSB Research. The study encapsulated the polling of 4,200 young African men and women aged 18-24 from within the major urban centers of 14 Sub-Saharan African nations; Congo-Brazzaville, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Mali, Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Togo, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Ivor Ichikowitz, Chairman of the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, stated that, ‘Our vision for the African Youth Survey was to give a voice to one of the world’s most important and least understood demographics, Africa’s youth. Despite facing huge challenges presented by a Covid-19 dominated news cycle, we were extremely encouraged by the exceptional media coverage generated. Only by reaching an audience of billions will we be able to counter the outdated and negative stereotypes of the African continent. We are very proud of this campaign and we believe that it has a crucial role to play in changing the hearts and minds of people around the world.’

The key findings of the research have identified a strong sense of ‘Afro-Optimism’, confidence in entrepreneurship and that despite facing numerous challenges a significant majority of Africa’s youth believe the 21st  Century will be the African century.

Ivor Ichickowitz added: ‘Africa’s young people want their voices to be heard. They demand the opportunity that inclusivity brings for their community, their nation and their continent to compete on a global stage like never before. They advocate for tolerance in the face of refugee crises and conflict, acknowledge the fragility of democratic values, showcase a commitment to make their lives and those around them better and in doing so, offer for the continent the promise of a brighter tomorrow.’

Among other themes, the survey explored crucial issues such as African identity, innovation and entrepreneurship, citizenship, infrastructure, leadership, inclusivity through the embrace of modern technology, appreciation for governance, education and the environment.

‘We are collectively grateful for the endorsement of the 2021 SABRE Awards Organizers and Jurists and are undeterred despite the constraints of Covid-19. The Ichikowitz Foundation dedicates this award to the youth of Africa and to the future of the continent they are creating,’ Ichikowitz concluded.

The winners of the 2021 SABRE Awards Africa will be celebrated on May 27th, 2021 through a virtual global ceremony.

About the Ichikowitz Family Foundation

The Ichikowitz Family Foundation is founded upon the belief that Africa’s potential can be unlocked through education, the respect for human rights, a better understanding of Africa’s dynamic history and the conservation of its rich biodiversity. It is committed to the kind of active citizenship that promotes the preservation of Africa’s heritage, the conservation of its environment, and the empowerment of Africa’s youth.

The Foundation uses various channels such as films, music, research, publications and art to foster dialogue between people, to be a torchbearer for innovation and to build a continent where people are encouraged to dream big and achieve the impossible. Key programmes include: the African Oral History Archive, the African Youth Survey, #IamConstitution and the protection of endangered species. Please visit  http://www.ichikowitzfoundation.com for further information.

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