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Pan-African Parliament chaos: SA’s Majodina vows to take action against diplomat over alleged assault

SOUTH African representative to the Pan-African Parliament Pemmy Majodina has vowed to take action against a fellow diplomat after she was allegedly assaulted during one of the sessions on Monday.

Pandemonium broke out as delegates started getting physical with each other following a dispute over the rotation of the continental groupings presidency.

Majodina looked to be trying to make peace between the warring parties when she was allegedly kicked by Senegal’s representative Djibril War.

The chaotic scenes were captured via the live streaming of the sitting and prompted frantic calls over a public announcement system for ’someone to call the police’.

According to media reports, Majodina said other members came to her defence during the incident.

‘The other members said to him, you cannot hit a women and he was ushered away,’ Majodina was reported as saying.

The current sitting of the Pan-African parliament is taking place in Midrand, South Africa.

She later told SABC News that she would be opening a case of assault against the member.





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