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Turkey’s housewares sector eyes more export to Africa

THE Turkish housewares sector has been developing distinctive strategies to boost export to African countries, according to sector insiders.

The Turkish Home and Kitchenware Manufacturers and Exporters Association (EVSID) launched Tuesday a virtual trade event between Turkey and African countries.

Nearly 30 Turkish companies and 64 buyers from 12 African countries will hold up to 400 meetings to expand their trade relations as part of the event that will last four days, the EVSID said at a press release.

Speaking at the opening webinar of the organisation, Turkish Exporters’ Assembly President Ismail Gulle said the sector identified 102 different products that Turkey has never exported to Africa.

‘African countries buy these products from the world with a value of $1.5bn,’ Gulle continued, saying that Turkey will specifically focus on the export of these goods.

‘Even though there are problems in supplying raw materials, we will try to respond at the maximum level of effort,’ he said.

Gulle added that Africa’s youths, rich energy resources, and infrastructure are among the factors that significantly attract Turkish companies.

Talha Ozger, head of the EVSID, said the Turkish housewares export share in Africa is around 15.5 percent, mainly in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.



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