War of words as mother of decuplets accuses the father of trying to be a ‘millionaire’

THE mother who has claimed she has given birth to decuplets in South Africa has accused the father of trying to become a ‘millionaire’ from the story and says she is hurt by his suggestion the ten children do not exist.

Gosiame Sithole claimed her boyfriend Tebogo Tsotetsi was ‘expecting to be rich’ from the alleged record births and was only concerned about the donations coming from people across the world.

Sithole also slammed Tsotetsi for saying he did not believe the decuplets exist, accusing him of trying to ‘hurt’ her and ‘ruin’ what she has with her babies.

The 37-year-old, who has not revealed her location since the apparent world record, said she will continue to keep her children’s whereabouts secret, adding that ‘no-one can force her to’ disclose their location.

Her comments come after Tsotetsi said on Tuesday he had not seen Sithole or the alleged children since her incredible claims which made headlines worldwide.

His family released a statement which said they do not believe there are decuplets until it is proven otherwise.

Speculation has grown over Sithole’s claims after the hospital where she is claimed to have given birth denied treating her.

The ‘mother’, 37, is said to have told her boyfriend she gave birth to the babies after midnight on June 8.

In videos shared by Pretoria News editor Piet Rampedi on Tuesday night, Sithole refuted Tsotetsi and his family’s claims and constantly refers to ‘my babies’ without directly confirming the number, reports TimesLive.

Sithole, wearing a large brown coat over a patterned dress at an undisclosed location, said: ‘They are unfair because they are doing things and they are trying to hurt me.

‘I speak to Tsotetsi now and then. I feel that they never loved me; I was just forced to be with him.’

Speaking about Tsotetsi and his family’s statement, she said: ‘What they are doing shows me that they wanted to ruin something with my babies.

‘That is why they are crying so much for them. The children are mine and no-one else’s. Why are they after me?

‘They were looking at the donations coming from people and wanting to be millionaires from the births. They were expecting to be rich. That is why I have [my babies] where they are.’

Sithole remained adamant that she would not disclose the location of her children and said ‘no-one is going to force me… I will do it on my own time.’

She also questioned whether Tsotetsi and his family were really sure in their claims that the decuplets do not exist.

‘Are they sure with what they are saying? I want to know if they are sure of what they are saying. I will do what I want, and on my own time and not on their time.

‘I won’t do it for them, I will do it for my sake because they never loved me,’ she said.

Her comments come in response to a statement by Tsotetsi’s family on Tuesday which read: ‘Tebogo confirmed he had not seen the deculplets and relied on his girlfriend who called to inform him of their birth.

‘He made several attempts to visit his girlfriend and the babies but she has failed to disclose her whereabouts and the condition of her babies.

‘The current uncertainties and public disclosure about the decuplets is of major concern to the family, especially in the absence of any proof of the decuplets’ existence other than telephonic and WhatsApp messages from the mother.’

The statement concluded with the family saying they believe there are no decuplets until it is proven otherwise as they apologised and appealed for help in finding Sithole.

It comes after Tsotetsi earlier asked the public to stop donating money to the alleged mother.

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