Possibility of construction of nuclear power plants in Nigeria

WITH the energy in deficit in Nigeria approaching 4 GW, the Federal Fovernment, through the Ministry of Science and Technology has been presented with a possibility for the construction of nuclear power plants in the country, in the bid to meet the energy shortage.

The deal was proposed by Peter Ikenga, the Head of Business at Transcorp Energy Limited, a subsidiary of Transnational Corporation of Nigeria, one of the country’s leading power producers, during a meeting with the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu.

Collaboration with the Federal Government

Ikenga said that Transcorp Energy was seeking to collaborate with the Federal Government, through the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, to develop nuclear power plants as an alternative energy source in the country, using the OPEN100 model.

The latter is the world’s first open-source nuclear power plant deployment model for a standard small pressurised water reactor. It offers developers everything from a web interface to visualise plant and component design, to costs studies, and construction plans with an aim to accelerate the deployment of modular nuclear power plants.

A transformative and first of a kind project

This project, according the minister, is transformative and a first of its kind in Nigeria.

He said that it would radically change the way nuclear power plants are deployed, offering a substantially less expensive and less complicated energy solution.  Adding that it will also provide the country with a reliable and sustainable energy source, without the challenges preventing stable and reliable power generation.

Onu reiterated the commitment of the government to promote the application of science, technology, and innovation within Nigeria, in line with Executive Order No. 5 of the Federal Government, and also appreciated Transcorp for the use of its innovative solutions to meet Nigeria’s power infrastructure needs.


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