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Africa’s first fully digital high-voltage substation commissioned in Senegal

AFRICA’S first fully digital high-voltage substation built in Thiès, about 70 km from Dakar, the capital of Senegal, has been commissioned, according to General Electric (GE) Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions.

GE is the company contracted to deliver, commission, install and supervise grid solutions digital substation, panels, digital control system, current transducer optic, and voltage transducer optic at the project site.

Part of Senelec’s grid expansion, reinforcement, and reliability enhancement programme

With a capacity of 225 kV, the Africa’s first fully digital high-voltage substation is part of Senegal’s national electricity company Senelec (Société Nationale d’électricité du Sénégal)’s transmission and distribution grid expansion, reinforcement, and reliability enhancement program that is led by VINCI Energies West Africa.

Wassel Bouaouda, the director of export projects at VINCI Energies, said that this flagship project was realised due to the robust synergy between VINCI Energies West Africa teams, the technical support of Omexom, and the digital expertise of GE’s Grid Solutions.

‘This substation is a great example of how to successfully combine the ongoing energy transition with a needed digital transformation to make the Senegalese electricity network more reliable and efficient,’ said Bouaouda.

Advantages of the digital systems

According to GE, the infrastructure provides the flexibility of software applications that translates into more possibilities for remote maintenance and upgrades, and it also facilitates more secure and efficient data exchange between multiple devices. Furthermore, real-time data can be analysed to optimise asset utilisation and maximise system reliability.

These advantages enjoyed by substations according to the company, not only provide electricity to homes but also manage grid supply from various renewable energy sources.


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