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Guinea ruling junta tells mining companies to cease raw bauxite exports

Guinea is the world’s second-largest producer of bauxite, the main ore source of aluminium

GUINEA’S National Committee for Rally and Development (CNRD), the military junta that toppled President Alpha Conde earlier this month, held talks with representatives of the country’s mining sector as part of consultations aimed at returning normalcy.

The talks come a day after the CNRD, led by coup leader Colonel Mamadi Doumouya, held discussions with diplomats in the Conakry.

Thursday talks were seen as an indication of the importance of the mining sector to the West African nation’s economy.

Doumouya called on representatives of mining companies to build factories in Guinea and process bauxite locally instead of exporting it raw, which will give Guineans jobs. The junta leader also reassured mining investors of their safety and the safety of mining sites.

Guinea is the world’s second-largest producer of bauxite, the main ore source of aluminium.

Cumulatively, mines contribute between 12 percent to 15 percent of the GDP of Guinea through several exploitations, also including gold, diamonds, iron and many other resources.

On their part, the representatives of the mining sector were happy to have been allowed to continue operations following the September 5 coup.

‘We discussed the difficulties we face on the mining sites, the challenges and opportunities in the mining sector that the Guinean people expect following discussions with the CNRD,” said Doumbia Ismael, the Operations Head of SARL Group Guinea, told CGTN.

‘The CNRD officials have reassured us a lot and we are proud of this. It must be said that this coup d’état is the first in Guinea after which we have continued our activities. We are leaving reassured by the new Guinean authorities,’ he added.

The President of the Guinea Employers’ Association, Cherif Abdallah, who also attended the meeting, promised to work with the new regime to create a good working environment in the mining sector.

‘For all the economic operators who have invested legally in the country, our role and duty is to encourage them, to protect them, to work with them and to create a good business environment. I promise to be the mediator between these businessmen and the Guinean state,’ Abdallah said.


Jerry Omondi/CGTN

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