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Two turbines at Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam to start generating electricity soon

BARELY two months after the announcement of the completion of the second filling of the Grand  Renaissance Dam (GERD), which is currently under construction, it has been revealed that two turbines at the dam, formerly known as the Millennium Dam and sometimes referred to as Hidase Dam, will start generating electricity soon, in the first months of the Ethiopian New Year.

The new year of the Ethiopian calendar, which is similar to that used in many Eastern Orthodox churches that has 13 months, starts on Meskerem 1, the 11th day of September on the Gregorian calendar.

According to Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister  Sileshi Bekele, the necessary preparation works, which will enable the success of the operations of the said turbines are ongoing.

Once operational, the two turbines will generate a total of 750 megawatts, which is about 11.63 percent of the entire project’s planned capacity.

GERD had no impact on this year’s floods in Sudan

Recently, a Sudanese official revealed that the GERD made no impact on this year’s floods in Sudan, country which is located downstream of the Nile.

The country, together with Egypt, has spent years intense negotiations with Ethiopia over the $5bn dam, said that the dam could increase flooding in its territory during the rainy season.

It however complained of a lack of information from Ethiopia on the dam’s operation. Sudan and Egypt had demanded that Ethiopia hold off on the second round of filling the dam until a binding agreement was signed regulating its operation and mandating the sharing of data.


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