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Government to produce 550mw of renewable energy in Tanzania by 2023

THE generation of renewable energy in Tanzania is expected to increase by 550 MW by the year 2023 owing to the East African country government’s efforts to diversify its energy sources for an ample energy supply at all times.

The planned renewable energy sources include solar, wind, and geothermal, and they will be produced by the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) and private energy sector players.  The private sector will implement four projects worth 400 megawatts while Tanesco will build a solar power plant in the Shinyanga region that will generate 150 megawatts.

The four projects to be developed by the private sector are two wind projects in Singida and Makambako, and two solar projects in Shinyanga, Dodoma, and Singida.

According to Felichesmi Mramba, the commissioner for electricity and renewable energy at the Ministry of Energy, the government is in the final stages of reviewing the companies that won the tender for the implementation of the said projects.

‘The tenders were announced last year (2020) for wind and solar energy power production. We have are almost completing the evaluation of the bids and we are positive that the implementation of the projects will start soon,’ said Mramba adding that, ‘Within a year or six months, some 200 megawatts will be connected into the national grid.’

According to the commissioner, the government’s long-term goal is to add 1,100 megawatts of renewable electricity to the national grid by 2025.

‘We will definitely not stop at 550 MW, between 2023 and 2025 our Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC) will generate 200 megawatts and we will also have a second round of encouraging the private sector to invest to generate the remaining megawatts,’ he explained.


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