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Tanzania to install computer labs in schools to spur digital information

A TANZANIAN government senior official announced on Thursday that all newly constructed public secondary schools will be installed with computer laboratories to scale up the country’s digital information.

Ummy Mwalimu, the Minister of State in the President’s Office responsible for Regional Administration and Local Government, said the creation of computer laboratories in new public secondary schools will enable teachers to teach information and communication technology (ICT), a core subject to digital information.

Mwalimu made the announcement when he opened a three-day secondary school’s headteachers meeting jointly organized by the Global Education Link (GEL) and the Tanzania Heads of Secondary Schools Association (TAHOSSA) in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

Mwalimu said the government intended to install computer laboratories and ICT facilities in 1,500 new public secondary schools in the next three years beginning in 2022.



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