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Will Smith enjoys what Africa has to offer for ’Welcome to Earth’ series

FILM star Will Smith is living his best life in Namibia as he films Darren Aronofsky’s nature series, Welcome To Earth.

In an Instagram post with the caption, ‘Found the Cave of Wonders with my front bumper #welcometoearthseries,’ Smith can be seen enjoying the sand dunes in Namibia.

In the video, they were ‘caught off guard’ when they had a crash while they were driving on the sand.

Smith offered to pay for whatever costs incurred in the accident.

Welcome To Earth is a six-part limited series Disney+ original from National Geographic.

It follows Will Smith on an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventure around the world to explore Earth’s greatest wonders and reveal its most hidden secrets.

The series is produced by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, Protozoa Pictures, Jane Root’s Nutopia and Westbrook Studios.

Smith gets up close and personal with some of the most wonderous spectacles on the planet — from volcanoes to deserts to animal swarms.

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