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GUEST POST: Benefits of starting an African import business

IMPORTING items can help you create a niche that’s hard to top. You have a unique path, and you can get creative with how you sell your items. When you have something valuable that your other competitors aren’t aware of, it’ll separate you from the pack. Here are some benefits of starting an African import business.

Great market demand

One of the best things about getting products made in Africa is the demand for them. You’re getting natural and handmade products. There’s a quality level there that you may not get in a more factory-produced import or export.

More people these days want to buy cruelty-free, organic, natural, and gluten-free products. Items from Africa fit the motif because of the natural resources. You can source things from one destination and have various products, from clothing to food to sell.

When you have an African import business, you cater to African culture and different backgrounds globally. It can widen your customer base and help you satisfy multiple demographics in your brand.

Start on a small budget

You don’t need to have a large factory or something to hold your items. Also, you don’t have to spring some money to have a brick-and-mortar business model when selling the merchandise. Start your brand with a laptop or desktop computer.

You can connect with different suppliers and buyers through forums, social media networks, and other platforms. The benefit here is they may have drop shipping where the products come from a manufacturing spot, and all you need is a website with the link to the product. It can help you save money because you don’t need a physical location to hold these items.

Also, you don’t have to worry about shipping them from your home or insurance on the items, which can cut into your budget for other aspects of your business.

Supporting farmers and other businesses

When you buy these natural products, you’re creating an ecosystem for African countries. You help the farmers get some extra money to help feed their families and communities. Not only do you put money in your pocket to invest in other ventures, but you are doing the same for other people.

It makes you feel good because you’re supporting a small brand and giving them dollars to help them create better resources.

Solange Garcia

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