Uncertainty in Sudan after Hamdok’s resignation

SUDAN’S Abdallah Hamdok resigned as prime minister on Sunday after being unable to forge a consensus to bring the transition forward. He called for dialogue to reach a new agreement for the transition.

His resignation came hours after the latest round of mass rallies against the military.

At least 57 civilians have been killed as security forces have moved to contain or disperse demonstrations since the October 25 coup, according to medics aligned with the protest movement.

Reaction on social media in Sudan was divided, with some saddened by the loss of a leader who they said stood out for his wisdom. While others, still angry with Hamdok for returning after the coup, expressed their resolve to end military rule.

Africa Briefing’s Publisher Jon Offei-Ansah gave his take on the situation in an interview on Arise News late on Monday.

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