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Rwanda approves 134 hectares for medicinal cannabis production

THE government of Rwanda is moving ahead with plans to go into the medical marijuana business.

The Rwanda New Times reports that the government has dedicated 134 hectares to cannabis production and is in the process of having the site developed.

The government first revealed its plans to grow and export marijuana for medicinal purposes in 2021. The Rwanda Development Board says a significant number of companies have shown interest in partnering up with the government.

‘RDB has been working with other government stakeholders to assess proposals received. The government of Rwanda set a rigorous process to select companies that have or are partnering with companies that have previous experience in the production of cannabis for medical and therapeutic reasons. The assessment process has different stages. So far 5 companies are in the advanced stage,’ read a statement from RDB.

While addressing the media last year, Claire Akamanzi, the Chief Executive Officer of RDB said that currently no licenses had been issued as the licensing process is an extensive one that requires alignment with the security requirements and infrastructure of the site.

‘If you get licensed to grow these therapeutic crops in Rwanda, you will be required to have in place a very strong security programme that has to be approved by our security organs, and that security program is going to be highly implemented,’ she said.

‘There will be no way that it (cannabis) can leak out of the farm to go to the domestic market or to the wrong users. The crops will be in a very designated place, there will be very strong measures, whether it is CCTV cameras, watchtowers, street lights, and human security. So it is going to be extremely secure,’ she added.

Cannabis produced in Rwanda will be exclusively for export purposes. The biggest markets that are being looked at are the United States of America, Canada and Europe.


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