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South African outrage over Ryanair language test

SOUTH Africans have condemned Irish airline, Ryanair, for making them take a test in the Afrikaans language on UK flights, calling it discriminatory.

The country has 11 official languages, and many say they cannot understand Afrikaans – a language which was imposed during white-minority rule.

The quiz contains questions on South African general knowledge.

Ryanair defended the test, saying it weeds out those travelling on fraudulent South African passports.

‘Due to the high prevalence of fraudulent South African passports, we require passengers travelling to the UK to fill out a simple questionnaire issued in Afrikaans,’ it said in a statement, reported by the BBC.

‘If they are unable to complete this questionnaire, they will be refused travel and issued with a full refund,’ the airline continued.

One person online described Ryanair’s policy as ‘bigoted rubbis.

Another person told Ryanair that South Africa is ‘no longer in Apartheid’. ‘Educate yourselves,’ the tweeter continued.

The quiz contains questions such as what is South Africa’s international dialling code, what is its capital city and who is the current president of the country.

The test, which one report says is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, is not required by UK border authorities.

Conrad Steenkamp, the head of South Africa’s Afrikaans Language Board, described it as ‘absurd.’

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