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African Union seeks G20 seat

SENEGAL’S President and African Union (AU) Chair Macky Sall said he has asked for the AU to receive a seat at the G20, a group of twenty governments that has met regularly since 1999 to negotiate economic matters. Sall announced the request on the final day of the AU’s mid-year meeting, held last week in Lusaka, Zambia. He remarked that the request seeks to ‘better support the interests of our countries .’ He also said he has begun to rally support for the idea.

At present, South Africa is the only African nation with G20 membership, even though Nigeria is the continent’s largest economy and Egypt often outranks South Africa as the second-largest. The continent also includes such emerging economies as Ethiopia, Morocco, Rwanda and Tunisia, the last of which has Africa’s strongest currency.

‘Although the G20 members consist of countries, the EU itself is a member. Based on that, I do not see any reason why the African Union cannot be considered part of the G-20,’ said South African economist Dawie Roodt.

If allowed to join, the African Union would bring to the negotiating table a combined $2.9 trillion GDP, estimated to reach $4 trillion by 2026. Technology, human resources and oil and gas are among the primary drivers of African growth.



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